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Editor-in-Chief Message

     Welcome, all of you to International Journal of Decision Sciences (IJDS). I am happy to introduce myself as the Editor-in-Chief of IJDS. My scholarly works started in a US Naval-funded research involved in the design, experimentation and computational testing of liquid-metal submarine propulsion systems. The works, which involved with Wisconsin Distinguished professor and key researchers from across the world, were published in tier-one Scientific Journal Ranking (SJR), Scopus. The scholarly training and the duties in commercial arenas lead me to understand the significant roles played by decision sciences, made possible by either quantitative or qualitative basis for decisions, abstract ideas and hypothetical-deductive reasoning, axiomatic or interpretative approach in nature. The decision-making process also recognizes the role in questioning, the thought patterns in the problems and the approaches, and most importantly, the disciplinary master of knowledge and our scientific attitudes.


    Although there are many specialized journals dealing with decision sciences, myself and my colleagues associated with IJDS and Forum for Advanced Training in Education and Research Academy of India (FAI), which IJDS is a publication of FAI, share the aspirations and motivations to develop this journalistic and publication platform for all the scholars and practitioners to participate in contributing the knowledge and outcomes of research.


      Whether you are to submit for publishing your academic work, or as readers, we are grateful for your partaking in a keen interest in IJDS. IJDS focuses on any topics dealing with decision sciences. In IJDS, we would reflect and conceive decision sciences as any research pursuit that provides the insights, implications and results to help relevant stakeholders prepare and make proper decisions, in ways guided by sciences and rigorous research design and epistemological considerations.


     Decision science is a very large field, and its value would be greatly enhanced through cross-disciplinary interactions involving disciplines such as mathematics, engineering, management, social sciences, economics, philosophies, cognitive science and psychology, for instance. As scholars, our role is to put forth intellectual and empirical efforts, guided by science and in scientific attitude, so as to give scientific authority to the epistemological paths in gaining insights on a research issue, which ultimately, through understanding, we can help improve the world.


       We expect each of the papers submitted follows the relevant “scientific” protocols in respective disciplines. We acknowledge that research paths are multi-variegated, such as by means of realism, constructivism, or axiomatic paths, or in the spirit of Popper’s falsification. Each of the epistemological path should be consciously rationalized. A competent peer review process is there to ensure the manuscripts submitted are scientifically sound in design, approaches and presentation.


     Once again, thank you for taking the interests in IJDS and we look forward to welcoming your manuscript submission and the citations of the published works in IJDS.




Dr. Chai Ching Tan

Vice President, FAI.

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